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Military HumveeMilitary Hummers are the Ride Every Guy Would Love to Have

Whether you served in the military or not, you no doubt have great respect and admiration not only for the troops but for the vehicles that carried those troops as they did they job.  Military hummers are one of the most versatile, rugged and powerful vehicles of their kind ever pressed into service. 

History of Military Hummers

Terms: While the term “Hummer” refers to a civilian model of the military Humvee, the vehicles came down the same assembly line until near the end, where the Hummer was finished for civilian purposes and the Humvee for military purposes. 

Still, many call them military Hummers because they were made for the military but are now in use by civilians in large number because they enjoy owning, showing and driving them.

Abbreviation: Humvee, of course, is a term based on an abbreviated form of their official name – High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle.  It is a 4WD military vehicle manufactured by American General.  In the 1970’s the U.S. Army recognized the need for a vehicle to replace the fleet of militarized civilian trucks that no longer fit the mold for Army tactical vehicles.  It drafted the final specs for the Humvee and gave the job of building it to American General, which began making prototypes.

Prototypes and First Military Hummers: After several years of prototypes, testing and tweaking, American General received an order for 55,000 military Hummers to be delivered in 1985.  Ft. Lewis, Washington received a supply of the first ones and began testing them for possible use as a Motorized Division to counter the Russian Motorized units.  That project was cancelled, but the military Hummers, or Humvees, were here to stay. 

Combat: Humvees were first used in combat during Operation Just Cause in Panama in 1989.  During Desert Storm, 20,000 military hummers saw action in Iraq.  Since that time, the Humvee has become the go-to vehicle for our armed forces around the world.  Thousands of military Hummers are now providing transportation, protection and a fighting platform for our forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Most Popular Military Hummer Models

The first prototype was the M998 and the first models delivered were the M1025 and the M1026 armament carriers.  These military Hummers were delivered in 1980.  Currently, more than 20 versions of the Humvee have been rolled out.  They include military Hummers that have been armored beyond their production armor, and those that have not.

  • M56 Coyote Smoke Generator Carrier
  • M966 HMMWV TOW Armored
  • M998 Cargo/Troop
  • M998 HMMWV Avenger
  • M1036 TOW Armored W/W
  • M1038 Cargo/Troop Carrier W/W
  • M1042 S-250 Shelter Carrier W/W
  • M1043 Armament Carrier, Up-Armored
  • M1044 Armament Carrier, Up-Armored W/W
  • M1045 TOW Up-Armored Armor
  • M1046 TOW Up-Armored Armor W/W
  • M1069 Tractor for M119 105-mm Gun
  • M1097 Heavy
  • M1097 Heavy HMMWV Avenger
  • M1109 Up-Armored Armament Carrier
  • M1113 Armore

Production Years

Military Hummers, or the Humvee began full-scale production in 1984 and they continue to be produced by American General in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The standard Humvee is classified as a Light Utility Vehicle and is unarmored.  The cost per copy of these military Hummers is about $65,000.  The armored version of these military Hummers as classified as Light Armored Vehicles.  The armoring of the vehicles pushes their price to over $140,000.  The armoring adds some 2,000 lbs to the total package.  

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