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Surplus Military Vehicle FAQ
If you are a fan of surplus military items then you know that military vehicles and other military surplus is available if you know where to look.  Here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers that will help you find the surplus military vehicle you want and make your purchase. 

What Types of Vehicles are Available?

The range of vehicles dates back to the World War II era and extends forward to include the very latest military surplus vehicles offered.  Of course, surplus military Jeeps are among the most popular, and also the most numerous.  This simple surplus vehicle is a collector’s item, especially older ones, and is a common restoration project for Jeep enthusiasts.  You will also find items like Fast Attack vehicles, transport trucks, military ambulances, base trucks, fleet cars, cargo vehicles, light-armored vehicles and more. 

Where is the Best Place to Buy Surplus Military Vehicles?

You can certainly buy a vehicle in a private sale, but the largest selections and best deals in government surplus military vehicles are typically available through government auctions.  These auctions are held in various sites throughout the year.  To find exact dates and locations, subscribe to a government auctions blog that may also offer a listing or catalog of the surplus military vehicles and other items to be sold at the various auctions.  A third option is to buy surplus military vehicles and gear from a military surplus llc dealer who has acquired the items from various sources. These dealers can easily be found by searching online.

What are the Advantages of Buying Surplus Military Vehicles?

There are definite advantages to buying surplus military vehicles.  In most cases, the vehicles have been meticulously maintained in a fleet according to manufacturer’s specifications, and maintenance records may be available.  These will give you confidence to buy and will also help you sell the vehicle in the future.  
Secondly, the prices can be outstanding, especially if buying vehicles government auctions offer.  Since there isn’t a minimum bid on most items, depending on the intensity of the bidding, most surplus military goods will go for prices well below you’d find them in private sales. Some of the auctions federal government agencies run also used a sealed bid process where prices can be good but not typically as low as in an open bidding auction.

Can the Vehicles be Test Driven?

If possible, always test drive a surplus military vehicle before you buy it from a private seller, a military surplus llc dealer or an auction.  If the vehicle is in working order, and most are, then they typically can be driven.  The engine should be examined for the presence of leaks.  At minimum, start the vehicle and look for exhaust smoke that may indicate engine problems.

Are Warranties Offered?

Yes and no.  At a government auctions, the government will warrant that all vehicles conform to the description provided.  In addition, if any manufacturer warranties are still in effect they should transfer to the new owner, no matter who you buy the item from.

Who Can Bid on Surplus Military Vehicles at Auction?

Any person 18 years of age or older may enter the auction and purchase a vehicle upon supplying a valid driver’s license and social security number or tax ID number.  You may also function as a third-party buyer at government auctions by providing the SSN or the Tax ID of the person you are representing. 

Do some homework to know what type of surplus military vehicle you want and where they are available from private dealers and government auctions.  Know what you’re looking for and what your budget is, and the chances are good you’ll find it.

This great video gives a good idea of what you can expect at an auction:

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