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Vintage Toy JeepFor vintage jeep fans, there are vintage toy and model jeeps available from decades of manufacturing. These toys became popular in the post WWII and cold war eras, when military fascination was at its peak.

The leader in toy manufacturing at the time was Louis Marx & Co., though toy jeeps represented only a fraction of their toys, as the company produced a speculated 20% of all the toys made in North America by 1955.

Many of the first jeep toys were made from pot/white metal using the die casting method. The first one to go into production under the Marx group was the CJ-2A in the 1940's. It has also been speculated that the Marx group was assisted by manufacturers of the Willys company due to the similarities in the design of the jeep. Marx made it a habit to capitalize on the interest in the military, by consistently modeling jeeps after real military vehicles. The most famous of these was the model of a jeep pulling a search light from the U.S. Navy.

But, vintage toy jeeps have been produced all over the world, by many different countries and in many different styles. Whatever the case, however, each of these vintage toy jeeps seems to tell a story, solidifying their place as treasures from the past.

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